Rick And Morty

I have to admit, when Rick and Morty was announced by Spooky I didn't care.  I had never seen it.  It was a cartoon.  I am 53 years old.  OK, I watch Family Guy.  Whatever.

Reading more and more about it on Pinside, I decided to pay for Hulu just to watch a full season.  I doubted that I would get past the third episode.  I was wrong.  Like, WAY wrong.

By the third episode I was glued to my television set laughing my ass off and and getting a twinge of a feeling that there was more to this show than just one off jokes.

Rick and Morty was deep!  Who knew?  Well, I know now.  I watched all the seasons three times.  The games by Spooky were sold out (and the resale prices were skyrocketing).  "Why the hell had I not bought a spot for this game?" I thought.

My friend and I went back and forth about game play, the ridiculous prices that people were asking for to take their spot in line.  I just figured I would wait a couple of years and buy one when the prices weren't so jacked up.

But.... I had caught Rick and Morty fever.  I secretly thought to myself "I don't care if the game plays like garbage, I want one anyways."

I have a hobby budget.  It is not written in stone, but I generally know how much I can spend.  Rick and Morty was WAAAAY out of my budget.

So I am checking craigslist (even though I rarely ever buy anything) and I see a Rick and Morty.  It had under 100 plays on it and it was the lowest price (still high by my standards) that I had seen.  I wrestled with the idea of buying such an expensive game.  I decided to sell my Creature From The Black Lagoon (Fully restored) to fund it. I talked to my wife about it and she had no qualms.  "What are you waiting for?  Rent a truck!," she said.

One text to my buddy and all of a sudden I found myself barrelling down 680 in a Home Depot box truck.  It was a three hour drive, but I had a great time.  Time goes quickly when you are with someone you like.  My buddy and I laughed quite a bit on that trip.  He was totally encouraging me along the way (egging me on?... probably).

Once we got to where we were going, I introduced myself and played the game once.  I looked at my buddy with a meaningful glance to communicate (I want it).

The whole transaction took less than 20 minutes Cash on the glass and we were headed home.

I loved my Creature From The Black Lagoon.  It was my first attempt at restoring a pinball game.  It took me a year to do it.  I learned more from that restore than I have ever learned about anything my whole life.  But, It had just been sitting in the corner of my garage, and I had admitted to myself that I was tired of playing it.

I'm glad I did what I did.  I never had buyer's remorse.  To this day I am glad I got that Rick and Morty.  I'm grateful to my friends and my wife for being supportive.

And now it's just me, Rick and Morty in my garage restoring games!

Pinball Panic!


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