Six must haves for Bally/Williams games (Part 2)

Hey folks!  I'm back.

I wanted to cap off the things that I typically add when I "shop" out my game.

So far we have:

  1. LED OCD
  2. GI OCD
  3. Cliffy Protectors (Yeah Cliff!)
  4. Titan Rings

A friend read my post and then reminded me of two other things that I at LEAST consider when shopping my game:

  • Pinsound

Pinsound is hit or miss for me.  I think that if you are considering installing this board you want to ask yourself a couple of questions:  Is there a "new" mix for my particular title?  I know that when I owned my Williams Indiana Jones, my friend told me that I should listen to the sound mix that someone had done in the online community.  I listened, and loved it.  This mix enhanced the sound (so it would work in stereo with a woof 2:1).. and added all new sounds!  So, my answer was "YES PLEASE!  Give me my new Pinsound board!  Do not stop, do not pass go!   I might also mention that the mixes posted in the Pinsound community are free to download.  I am not sure, but donations could probably be made.

I am currently working on a Tales From the Crypt.  It has the common Data East problem of a HUGE buzz coming from the speakers.  The sound is also horrible, mono, and has no low end to speak of...  So I went online and listened to the new mixes for the game.   I didn't like them.  BUT here is the rub:  If my client buys a Pinsound  board with speakers, that horribly buzz disappears, the sounds are in stereo, and you can control the mix!  ie... give it a gutsy low end.

So, what if I have, uh, let's say.... MONOPOLY.  The speakers don't buzz.. the sound is decent and there is no NEW community mix's for the game.  That would be a scenario where I would NOT put a Pinsound in my game

I had a Star Wars Data East with that horrible buzz.  It also had a new mix in the Pinsound community that was pretty awesome.  I put a Pinsouhnd in that Star Wars and it almost completely changed the playing experience.

So, there you have it.  There are select times that Pinsound SHINES, and other times it is not worth the investment.


Unlike Pinsound, Color DMD is a no-brainer.  I have yet to see a color DMD for a game and wished that it was the original mono orange color.  The link above gives you a quick rundown of their LCD and LED Displays.  I happen to like the LCD display better, but I do not believe the LCD is available for select games.  I put a color DMD in a Cirqus Voltaire and WOW!  It made that game just that  much better.  Color DMD all the way folks... don't even question it.

As usual, let's have fun, support each other and participate in the hobby!

It's only pinball folks!

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